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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Glory to you, O Lord.  You are here.

We are now in our second day of the retreat that many of you helped us pay for.  I knew beforehand that God would surprise us with His presence, but I never could have imagined to what degree.  It feels like we showed up into His personal living room, welcomed with cups of tea, bowls of sugar and buckets of grace.  It doesn't hurt that there is a flower blooming here that smells like it may have been transplanted from Heaven.  Aroma.  Joy in my nose.

Michelle has been made an official auntie.  This took me 3 trips.. it took her 3 days.  I love her anyway... what a blessing she is in this place, not only to the children but to me.  We have been sharing in the leading and teachings.  We've been studying the life of Joseph with the children.  There may be nothing sweeter than to be reminded that at times in life we find ourselves in circumstances we never deserved, and yet, like Joseph, God is always with us. He can favor us in prisons or in palaces.  He can have great plans for us in low rungs.  Our destination is Heaven either way!  Yes, Lord! And in my best Zim impersonation, I'm saying "praise Jesus, hey".

Last night we encountered a spider.  And ants.  Good times.

A sweet one came to me after a talk today and confessed that he/she doesn't feel any reason to live.  The family situation has left a deep wound.  Abandonment hurts.  While we continue to pray for BFGO to be able to do good works among orphanages, can we please remember to pray for the tender hearts of the wounded?

We are beginning the work of collecting data for the Child Sponsorship Program.  The children are eagerly writing letters for the sponsors they hope to have some day.  I'm no longer praying and hoping for God to bring our sponsors for the children.  I am thanking Him for what He has already prepared and planned.  You guys... whoever you are... you are so lucky to have these children in your lives.  If God would send me a windfall.... I'd sponsor them all and not share.  But alas....

Thank you for catching up on our time here in Zim.  It is so much more than I could ever write.

In His Love,
~  melissa irwin
executive director

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  1. Give Tadiwa as much love as possible when you see her (as I know you will) then give her a ridiculous amount more for me :)Oh, and I am so happy everything came through for the retreat and I am praying for you both as you continue to pour God's love and truth into the kids.