Friday, February 3, 2012

February 2012 Updates

Red Jasper Pendants - limited quantity.

The jasper jewelry that I have been making over the past year has truly been a sweet success for BFGO fundraising.  I presented 3 of these at a recent fundraising event and they flew off of my display table.  HOT, I tell you.  This pic will NOT do them justice...they are stunning.  They are also large...larger than a quarter, but not very heavy.  Each one is very unique.  I'm offering 30 of these red jasper heart pieces for our Valentine's Day fundraiser.  For a minimum donation of $30 you can show someone you love them by giving one as a gift, while at the same time providing much needed assistance to our orphaned kiddos in Zimbabwe.  **(AT this time we only have 12 HURRY!)**  I can mail to anyone in the 48 contiguous states.  If you want one, please email me ASAP at   melissa (at) beautifulfeetgo (dot) ORG.  I will fill the requests in the order that they are received.

This last photo is to give you an idea of the size.  And please do not request a specific one of these stones in the photos because every one of them has already found a neck to longer available.  The remaining are just as gorgeous!

WELCOME Marcia Ramirez!  Marcia was recently voted in as a new BFGO Board Member.  She was already loving on us in a big way and it made perfect sense to bring her on board... so the arm twisting commenced and she eventually yelped.  WE LOVE YOU MARCIA AND ARE SO HAPPY TO DO THIS THANG WITH YOU!!!!  Marcia is an accomplished songwriter and vocalist.  One of my favorite songs in the entire universe is hers, "Beautifully Lived".  You can link HERE to hear it for yourself.  You'll have to scroll down and press the play button...WELL WORTH YOUR TIME and ear.  I have to tell you one more thing about Marica.  The devil perfectly positioned us to be enemies.  But with the love of Christ and His power in fellowship, that snake was kicked to the curb.  Like all of the other board members, Marcia is a precious servant for the Kingdom of Christ... and board member or not, she is a treasure to me.

We have news regarding our Reeces Rainbow child; status of the kids in Zim; BFGO t-shirts, and more. If you desire to have more of this info please sign up to receive our newsletter by going to the website and clicking the "newsletter" link.  We only send 1 newsletter a month so as not to bombard you.

God bless you all!

Melissa Irwin
Founder/Executive Director