Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Save The Bethel House - Orphanage in Zimbabwe

***UPDATE: As of 5/5/2017 we are up to almost $24,500 in funds to "Save the Bethel House".

Inside this house in Zimbabwe live 20 infant/toddler kiddos and 4-6 upper level students. We are in real danger of losing this house - and it is more than a hub for our operations over there - it is the very heartbeat of it all.

"The Bethel House" is the most convenient and in the best shape of all of the houses (4) that are part of our orphanage cluster. It is walking distance to the school that was founded a few years ago by our orphanage director, where her offices are also located. If we lose this house - we also lose the school and the offices. Furthermore - the children of the community lose their school as well - so the loss of this house will have a gross, negative domino effect.

The owner of this house is in a desperate situation and needs to sell it promptly. We've leased it for many years but that option has expired. The owner is only asking $55,000 and it is easily worth $90k - but we must act quickly or it will go to the highest bidder. Our appeal is that you will help us save this house. From the bottom of our hearts - this is so important because we would lose the children back into the social welfare system - and the school. It wouldn't be as simple as just finding another house to rent. It would devastate us on multiple levels.

We've raised $7k so far - that's a tremendous blessing! Historically - it takes BFGO a long time to raise funds for extra projects because we are tiny, unknown and we do not have a marketing budget. We hope you will help us to grow organically. Word of mouth. Share to Social Media. Email your friends. Pick up the phone. I know that together we can do this.

The link to "Save The Bethel House" is here. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Meanwhile, my prayer is that God is moving His Holy Spirit through each of us. I pray that our faith and hope surrounding this matter will reach farther and wider than our hearts even know to dream. That Heaven would come down and God's Name will be glorified with this provision - and that our orphanage director would be renewed and refreshed, and that the children will know His great love.

In humble service to Him - our great Father,

Melissa Irwin

Some photo updates below:

Elaine and our orphanage director celebrating extra food!

This is my namesake - sweet baby Melissa.

Elaine doing what she does so sweetly - loving on a toddler!

This is Richman - he recently graduated from Bible College! (A BFGO First!)

2 Receipts showing repairs needed for 2 of the 3 vehicles. But the 3rd one isn't working either... 

Celebrating the toddlers achievements!

Our fearless orphanage director, Fatima.

Students from our International School - many of these are also part of our orphanage. The are Head Girls, Head Boys and Prefects. All of excellence!

Thank you for taking a moment to see some of these updated photos. I hope it helps you to gain a feel for who we are serving and some of the sweet things being accomplished.