Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Announcement


I am so overjoyed to be able to announce to you that we, Beautiful Feet Global Outreach, Inc. (aka Beautiful Feet G.O.) were notified by mail today that the IRS has awarded us official exemption.  We are now a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit organization.

This confirms that all of our donors since 9/29/2010 will be able to claim a tax deduction for every dime donated to our organization.  We are so honored and overjoyed!  Please praise the sweet Lord with us.  We know this is all from Him.  (We received our status in record time...just 6 months!).

Humbly before Christ,

Melissa Irwin,
Executive Director

Friday, July 1, 2011

Updates & Angels

Because of some generous funds received over the past few days we will be wiring at least 1 months rent for each house in Zim on Tuesday of next week.  That will cover May.  We desire to also raise enough to cover June and July....of course...but we are so grateful that God used a precious handful of people to come up with one month so far.  God bless each and every....and the greatest thanks to God the Father who is working in our hearts and teaching us about bits and pieces.  (I love you Lord!)

We are grateful to Chiropractic Nashville who is partnering with us in a fundraiser for the month of July.  We are ecstatic that they will be offering a very special deal to new patients, as well as to existing patients..just for making donations.  They are a GREAT small business who serve the Lord with their hearts, finances and other resources.  God bless your business!

We are grateful to 2 Nashville/Franklin based antique business operators who have pledged 10% of their monthly profits (ongoing) to Beautiful Feet G.O.  This chokes me up on the highest levels.  They are both women of God who serve with FIRE and PASSION and have immeasurable levels of hope.  One of them stated to me on the phone this morning that they dream of being our biggest donor someday.  Well, hallelujah, praise the King!  I pray that too!  LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  You can visit their new blog and find their locations at Vintage Shabby Chicks.  

Mark Mabry - Mark is a web developer, graphic designer, marketing specialist...extraordinaire!  I cannot thank Mark enough for all he has done to launch our web presence and various graphic needs.  He recently designed this incredible poster to be displayed at Chiropractic Nashville for their July fundraiser!  And ProGraphics of Nashville donated the printing, mounting, laminating and framing at Mark's request.  Seriously y'all...... blessings coming rocks my world!

**please click on poster to enlarge it for easy readability.  

And lastly but far from least....  to my friends Kim & Bryan who have just recently launched their business and charitable organization...  Eraselets and Erase World Hunger.  They have pledged for Erase World Hunger to serve Beautiful Feet Global Outreach as soon as they can be funded.  Their product, a fantabulous eraser bracelet with incredible designs so fun for kids.  Some of their designs include scriptures.  They are currently close to getting their product sold in a MAJOR Christian retail store as well as a MAJOR mainstream retail outlet.  God has already worked some heavy miracles in their lives and we are believing Him for greater miracles to come.  Some day (maybe soon)...they will be able to help Beautiful Feet G.O. do incredible work for the Kingdom in serving these precious orphans globally.

Everyone who impacts us big and small is an angel to us.  We understand how God of His favorite ways to bless us is through other people.  When we say you are a blessing...we really mean that. God used you......

My humble appreciation goes out to all,

Melissa Irwin