Tuesday, April 17, 2012

T-Shirts $19 OR $23

Hey friends of BFGO!  I'm so excited to share that we now have some sweet t-shirts that you can proudly wear to display your support or fondness for BFGO and our mission!  We've got tons of t-shirts and we are making them available to you!  For a minimum donation of $19 we will happily send you a t-shirt.  If you need to have it shipped to you, we'd be so thankful if you would please pitch in a couple of dollars to cover shipping too... so for that please make it $23.

You will need to go to our main website and click on "donate".  We have a new donation platform that is more effecient and less costly than paypal.  You'll need to register there and then submit a donation to the "greatest need" category.  When we receive donations in the amount of $19 or $23, we will know it is for a t-shirt and someone will contact you to make the arrangement to get it to you!

In Unisex style soft shirt - please indicate S, M, L or XL.  The photographs you see below are the unisex shirt!  We also have a ladies fit which looks EXACTLY the same but is more fitted to a female figure.  We have these in sizes S, M & L - but be informed... these shirts run small!  If you typically wear a medium, I would order a Large in the ladies fitted T.  If you typically wear a large, I would order a unisex shirt instead.

This is the BACK of our t-shirts!
This LOGO is the FRONT of our t-shirts!

Front/Left - Back/Right

Awesome, huh?  C'mon peeps!  Proceeds from the shirts will help pay for school fees for 60 children in Zim, due in May.  Please also help us spread the word!  THANKS TO MARK MABRY FOR THE T-SHIRT DESIGN AND TO ARENA IMPRINTS FOR THE PRINTING SERVICES AND THE ADDITIONAL SHIRTS THEY TOSSED IN AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Please ORDER HERE! by clicking the "donate" button.