Tuesday, May 8, 2018

This Summer In Zim & a Giveaway

Hi Friends - thanks for coming here to check up on our latest news and needs from Zim. It means so much to us when you take an extra moment to understand the needs of our Zim kiddos.

We have been serving in Zimbabwe for TEN YEARS! Oh my gosh - that makes my heart race in the best possible way. It has been difficult and stressful but also rewarding and glorious. There will never be enough hallelujahs to adequately praise God for His goodness in connecting us to these children and Fatima. As much as I'd like to believe that BFGO has been a blessing .... what I really know to be true is that this work has enriched my life and expanded my heart in ways that nothing else could have accomplished. And I thank each and every one of you who've partnered with us along the way.

I'm heading to Zim in June with one of my sons - and here is what's currently on the hot list.

Political Climate in Zim and FOOD:
There have been big changes. The 30+ year dictator is no longer president and the current leadership has made some positive changes, but they aren't changes that improve the quality of life for our orphans. Unfortunately - food costs have skyrocketed. Our board member, Elaine, is there now and has reported back some disturbing information to me. Our kiddos have been eating very little and all have lost weight. The food has simply been too expensive. Some days they only eat bread. We need to raise some emergent funds to purchase foods that offer a balanced nutrition - to feed over 100 mouths. While Elaine has been there, she has implemented some changes herself with her missions travel funds. The children now have eggs thanks to our revived chicken project. $5,000 for food to stockpile for the next couple of months.

BFGO's mission from the beginning has always been about education. There is a 93% unemployment rate in Zimbabwe. Only those who can afford education stand a chance, so we are always striving to help provide in this area. We currently have 8 students who've completed high school AND qualify to go on to university. (Due to grades, not everyone qualifies.) Their school fees and books will cost approximately $950 per year. So, for $8,000, we can send 8 kiddos to University. All schools will begin in August, but they need to be registered now to confirm their slots.  $8,000 total.

Over the past couple of years our body of kiddos has grown to over 90. With caregivers, we are feeding, housing and serving over 100 people everyday. The orphanage founder, Fatima, has requested 100 blankets and has received a discounted bulk price offer of $26 per blanket. When it gets cold in Zimbabwe, it's extremely cold. There isn't a heat source pumping warm air into the houses so blankets are all they have. $2,600 total.

My 13-year-old son and I are traveling to Zim in June and are still underfunded. We could use approximately $1,500 more. $1,000 will go to our needs/expenses while we are there. The other $500 is for the emergency that will pop up, because it always does. ;) As a side note - our plane tickets are already purchased. I have personally funded a chunk of those expenses on my own by working extra shifts and by doing a few photography sessions. I've also already funded the side-trip that my son and I are taking. We've had 5 generous supporters so far for the Zim leg of our travel. I'm looking for a few more souls to fund our "go". See link below to give directly to the missions fund. $1,500 goal.

Our immediate grand total goal is $17,100.  

To donate toward Missions Funding, click MISSIONS TRAVEL.

For all other donations, click BFGO GREATEST NEED.

Finally, are you following us on Instagram? You should be! We have an awesome social media dude, Henry, regularly researching and posting news from Zim and about our kiddos. We are trying to build our audience on Instagram and are giving away an iTunes gift card. Please follow us here to learn more about that!