Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had originally posted about riding in the back of the blessed blue truck while I was in Zim.  I have some footage of one of those rides.  In this video you will see Boaz in the red shirt.  Pan to the left and that is Richman.  To my right are Bestman and Emelie.  Emelie at one point redirects the camera in my hand onto an effort to make me feel as awkward as she felt.  She's a funny girl.  We were humming to the vibration of the truck (poor truck...).  It made our voices sound funny.  Notice some of the Zim life on the sides of the road.  Enjoy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where Am I?

I have been on USA soil again for 10 days.  When I am busy, I am okay.  When I have down time, like this morning, I am really not okay.  I have 508 photos of my most recent time in Zim that are worth keeping.  I tend to look at them over and over on my computer screen.  It is a grieving process that I just suppose I have to go through.

But as an organization, we are not grieving.  We are so very hopeful.  Today we are wiring enough money to cover school fees due next week.  For that I am so ecstatic.  I praise God Almighty for that provision.  We do have one problem however, and that is that the truck (primary vehicle for the orphanage director) broke down and needs repair.  It will cost approx $600 for that repair and it is needed asap.  Furthermore....the kids do have an abundance of grain right now and some potatoes as well....but they do not have ANY protein.  We are still praying for donations to help put some healthy proteins on their table as well as to fix the truck.

In the very near future I am going to do a fundraiser.  I have some great authentic handmade goods from the area that I visited in Africa , that I will offer in exchange for donations.  I will share that info soon, along with pictures.  Also, I am making jasper necklaces.  Per Revelation 21:18 "The wall was made of jasper..." in reference to the walls of the New Jerusalem, in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jasper is a gorgeous stone that comes in many colors and varieties.  I have had a fascination with jasper for a long time.  Over time I have collected some jasper rocks and have a couple of jasper necklaces that I wear not only because they are beautiful, but to remind myself that I am on a journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is like wearing a little piece of Heaven around my neck....except that I know the Jasper in Heaven will be even more breathtaking.  I have purchased several pieces of "Safari Jasper" and "Spider Web Jasper" along with some other random smaller pieces and have been making necklaces on leather cord.  I'm excited to reveal them very soon.

I feel like I am in a million places.  I have several stories to share from my recent trip as well as to explain some plans.  I will post those stories in the coming week.  Thank you all for your patience.  And thank you dearly for your intercessions, your giving and your kindest words.

In Christ,

Melissa Irwin