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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introducing ~ David M.

His eyes and smile say more about him than I ever could. He will be 8 in December.
David was abandoned at a museum in Zimbabwe when he was a little more than 1 year old.  Someone found him and dropped him off at a hospital where he was determined to be very malnourished, and quite probably near death. In fact, he was so unhealthy that he had to remain in the hospital for 6 months.  About 1 month before his 2nd birthday, David was placed in the orphanage and has been there ever since.  I am grateful that he was too young to remember the trial he went through. If he was so malnourished, I wonder about his momma... maybe she was dying too.  Maybe abandoning him was the only way she knew to possibly preserve his life, in this situation.  Who knows?  But God had a plan for David's life, for David to have this beaming smile and sparkling eyes.

David needs 3 sponsors to cover his monthly needs, including food, education school fees, the cost of housing at the orphanage and other essentials.  Please consider sponsoring him at one of these levels, $25, $30 or $35 per month, and if you can help round up 2 other sponsors for him... well, that is joy.  Our child sponsorship program is going to be launched officially at the beginning of October, but you are welcome to "claim" him now.  Just contact me at melissa @ beautifulfeetgo (dot) com.

**Myself and one of our board members are flying to Zim tomorrow and will be spending time with the kids at the orphanages for 2 weeks.  Please keep us in your prayers as we provide love and ministry to these tender kiddos.  Please pray that we honor God with our service to Him and in His name.


  1. My heart just wow when I read about David. What a sweetheart!!!!