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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is Jackson....

 **Update** - Jackson's photo did not display properly when first posted.

This is Jackson.

Jackson is one of three siblings who were rescued and brought to the orphanage.  They arrived in 2009.  Their parents both passed away of HIV/Aids.  Jackson is 10.  DOB 2/10/2002.

I can't wait to see Jackson in August.  He is a mysterious one... can't you tell?  He seems to wear the expression of hard life on his young face.  I've been staring at his photo for 10 minutes and it has truly drawn me in.  Who will he grow up to be?  Will he grow up at all?  I pray in his heart that he knows he is loved.

Jackson needs a sponsor.  His school fees at this age and level cost $110 per session, or $330 per year.  Would you please consider sponsoring Jackson?  He also needs a sponsor for essentials.

Jackson is in the photo above at far right looking straight at the camera.  What a smile!

God bless.

melissa irwin
executive director
beautiful feet global outreach, inc.

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