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Monday, June 25, 2012

Crusade for Reality - 200 People Wanted!

I have the opportunity to speak regularly with people who are on a crusade for something... anything.. to bring awareness to the need of those in poverty, including but certainly not limited to orphans.  We all recognize the same thing... it's difficult to get people to listen and to care.  So very difficult.

Last week, my friend Marcia who is also a BFGO board member stated that when she posts a status update or a blog entry about American Idol, she receives hundreds of comments... but when she posts about Beautiful Feet G.O. all she hears are crickets chirping.  It is so sad but so true.

The reality of the condition of most people in America is that they care more about reality tv than about reality itself.  It is a sad state when the public cares far more about engaging in hot topics that don't amount to a hill of beans in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I'm on a crusade for reality... the real kind.  I don't want for people to feel guilty... I want them to just get real and feel true joy for it, be blessed by it and be transformed for it.  Let's have our guilty pleasures but let us not place them above reality.  At the end of the day, are we helping anyone?  At the end of the day, are we serving God?  At the end of the day... are we thankful for His abundant grace and mercies lavishly poured upon us minute by minute?  At the end of the day, are we on a crusade for reality?

Reality that people are lost, many are hungry and countless numbers lack any ounce of hope. Reality that God, through His word, has called us to serve the poor, feed the hungry and to care for the orphans and widows.

BFGO is in search of more friends who really understand this principle, who want to partner with us to greatly and positively impact the lives of orphans.  We are not trying to be the most well known organization and we are not in competition to reach the most children or to be the "most" in any way.  We know that there are 200 people out there who care enough to support our Zim orphanages.. we just need help connecting with them so that we can continue to carry out the work that God has called us to do.

We need 200 people to sponsor a child in October.  Only 200 people out of 7 billion in the world.  We only need 200 sponsors!  This is 3 sponsors for each child (due to high cost of living in Zim)... to pay for school fees and all of the essentials (housing, food, medications, teachers, school supplies, etc).  Those sponsorship levels will be $25 $30 and $35.  (Each child needs one sponsor at each level for a total of $90 per month).  In addition, BFGO needs monthly donors at lower amounts to help fill in the gaps, cover the unexpected expenses that come up every month and to keep our program running.  For all donors who want to participate but cannot swing $25, $30 or $35... we deeply appreciate recurring monthly donations at any amount... you can literally set up for $5, $8, $11, $19 or whatever!

For the record, there are not any paid employees of BFGO and there will not be any salaried or hourly employees of BFGO until donations exceed what Zim needs and we find ourselves in a position of growth.  Then and only then will salary be considered and only for the purpose of growing the organization.  

Are you one of our 200?  If you are ready to join us today, we greet you with a mighty Howdy and Welcome in the Lord's precious name!!!!!  We are featuring one child per week here on the blog so that you can begin to get to know them.  We'd love for you to join us now as a donor or at the least, please select a child in October when our "official" sponsorship program begins.  You will be able to communicate with your child at least twice per year via letters.  You will also receive a photo and it is also the goal to have you receive a video greeting from your sponsored child once per year.  Please help us spread the word... RETWEET this post, post it to your facebook.  We'll love you and be so grateful for your prayers and your willingness to share.  No crickets please... we need megaphones!  

God bless!


  1. I'm praying this morning that we get our 200 way BEFORE October!!!!! Love you Mels...

  2. Can you add a direct link on this page for the place to sign up as a sponsor? I've had a couple of people say they can't figure out where to go to do that! Thanks!

    1. Hey sweet M ~ there is not a way to sign up online yet. The sponsorship program will launch offiically in October. I will have a lot of work to do in August while I am there to update photos, collect data and letters from the children. In September our web developer is going to be working with me to set up a photo gallery with info for each child... and then at the beginning of October our site will link up to the sponsorship platform that we are going to use! Until then, some people who are interested in sponsoring a child are just reaching out to me via email... although no one is committed yet. What I suggest is that if there are folks who "connect" with a specific child that we feature here on the blog and they for sure want to commit to sponsoring that child, they have a couple of options. (1) They can go ahead and sign up on our donate tab as a monthly donor and then in October we switch them to the child they connect. (2) They contact me to identify the child that they want to sponsor and I contact them the first week of October to get it set up. THANKS FOR ASKING!!!!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for clearing that up! :-))