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Friday, March 25, 2011


Re-vision --> (my definition) = a new view through the same ole' pair of eyes.

Last month when Beautiful Feet GO wired money to Zim for food, my cell phone began receiving multiple text messages from the +263 country code with much gratitude and love, sheer thankfulness for the gift of grain.  Food for hungry bellies.  I am so thankful that those kids are being taught about Jesus and that they have chosen to trust and believe in Him, that HE is their provision and that I am JUST the voice for their needs, and that even my voice is prompted by HIM to speak up.  They know that I am not an angel.  They know that I am not a god, and they do not misdirect their thankfulness.  They do, however, receive my passion for them as a gift...and if nothing else, they see that I am willing and eager to connect joyful givers with their plight.  They are praying for Beautiful Feet Global Outreach, for the donors, the Board of Directors, the administrators (moi) and for the future that God is planning for this organization ~ the many orphans who can be served.

Of the 60+ children that are there, spread out between the 4 orphanages we are serving, I have really only ever bonded with about 15 of them.  The other 50 I have met and played with, but not really invested in emotionally.  This time will be so different.  I will see these children this time with a revised vision.  These are children who are eating today because of the donor support from BFGO.  These are children who are attending school today because of the fees that have been generated through the love, hope and servant hearts of financial supporters and prayer warriors for BFGO.  This time, when I lay my eyes on their precious faces, scoop up their sweet bodies and plant gigantic wet kisses on their soft, black cheeks.....I will praising the Lord God Almighty for the streams of green from generous pockets, investments in their futures.  They have hope because Christ connected us all.  This is a power that is just unfathomable to me, beyond my meager human comprehension.  You, the BFGO community, are such a gift to my soul.  You are a true gift to the lives of these children.  I am so excited for God to continue to reveal what He is going to do here.......... I am so blessed.

Colossians 2:6-6 "So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live IN Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as your were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness".
AMEN to that!

Are you a willing agent to help us spread the word of BFGO and what we are doing?  I want to personally thank Laura Click and Marcia Ramirez for blogging about us recently!  Because of Laura, BFGO picked up some Twitter followers and encouragers who may join with us someday as donors, or continue to market us word of mouth.  Because of Marcia's post about us this week, we received a donation from one of her readers.  That donor sent me an email to just let me know how excited she is to have learned about us.  There are joyful givers all over the world who would love to hear about us.  Can you help?  Thank you for considering!

Be blessed,
Melissa Irwin

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