Monday, November 27, 2017

Victorious 2017 & New Beginnings

Here's what is next for Beautiful Feet Global Outreach!

Our 2017 was indeed victorious. Together we SAVED THE BETHEL HOUSE!  Yes, we did. It required blood, sweat and tears (or at least that's how it felt) but it is a done deal. The Bethel House was our largest goal in 9 years and the first huge victory.

Zimbabwe has also realized it's own huge victory. Just 2 weeks ago, the President of Zimbabwe was ousted in a military coup. He had been in power for 37 years. His tactics were cruel and corrupt, deadly and devastating. This could potentially mean great and positive changes for the people of that sweet country. The biggest dream that we could possibly dream would be for the orphans to no longer need BFGO - and I do pray it gets to that point. Zimbabwe could blossom and I'm excited to watch it unfold. Until then we will continue to dig in and press on to bring them aid and relief while the rebirth of a nation takes place.

Our ongoing greatest needs continue to be food and school fees. Many of our oldest kids are now hoping to go on to very affordable universities in Zimbabwe, trade schools and technical academies. And of course our grade-school kiddos are still in need of tuition assistance.

The best way to conquer these financial obstacles is through child sponsorship. We have a ton (seriously a TON) of kiddos without sponsors. The more kiddos sponsored, the more affordable these needs become. It's that simple.

Our website is full of kiddos needing to be sponsored. Please consider selecting a child or reach out to us by email and we can help match you with one. Many of your questions can be answered at but we are always happy to assist you.

We are so excited for 2018!

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