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Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Our Sleeves

He instructed Moses to teach them not to neglect the poor. To make a case while He had Moses's attention on the mountain, He specifically noted women who had lost their husbands and therefore lost their livelihood. Losing a husband meant losing his income, his potential. His promise.

When God relayed the importance of teaching the people (His people = the Israelites) He also used the example of the fatherless. A child without a father (or a mother ... eh'hem) was directionless and un-nurtured. In many cases, unloved. Alone. Without resources. Without help.

God loved poor people so much that He asked those near them to care for them and to make sure that they had food to eat.

God loved the fatherless so much that He instructed the Israelites to make sure that they were nurtured, fed and loved. That they would know they had value and worth in the eyes of the One true God.

When Jesus came, He taught God's children how to serve and love with their hands - hands that would represent the hands of God. He motivated them to move, love and serve with feet that would represent the feet of God. His own feet. The feet of Jesus.

Jesus modeled love for us. He carved it out in the shape of His big heart, placed it in our hands and then asked us to deliver it to the world. He wants us to walk around with His heart on our sleeves.

For the past two days I have personally worked via social media and email to try and raise money for a specific, special and urgent cause. Warm, heavy winter blankets for the Zim orphanages. Overwhelmingly and swiftly, people ran with the feet of Jesus and loosed the grip on money for them in order to give what was from Him - to meet this need. Sweetly.

It is incredibly beautiful and valuable that this happened - but if you played a part in that in any way I am asking that you look down at your palms and stare at them for a moment. And then look at your bare feet and try to see the journey that Jesus has walked with you. In your palm, I ask you to try and see what He has given you. My prayer for you, for your benefit and for His that you will always see that your hands and feet belong to the Lord of all and that He has great plans for the steps they will take, the work they will do and the for the things they will let go of.

You are dear.

You are treasure.

You are beautiful.

You are His.

He loves you.

Don't ever forget this.

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