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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

special letters ~ meet Yvonne

When I was in Zimbabwe last month I asked every one of the children to write a letter to their future sponsor, of course with the hope and prayers that each one of them will indeed have sponsors.  Below is one of those letters... it is actually only page 1 of 2 pages but I am having trouble with my computer today and cannot manage to save page 2 as a jpg file.  Just wanted you to see a sample of a heart and soul living in an orphanage in Zim...this represents a child waiting for you to journey alongside him or her. 
Yvonne and all of the others will need 3 sponsors each to cover their needs for school fees, food, housing and other basic essentials.

Yvonne is an amazing, outgoing, joyful girl!  I love this cute little smirk on her face!

Our sponsorship program will be live soon and available through our website, but if you are interested in signing up to sponsor a child now you may contact me at  Each child needs 3 sponsors at $25, $30 & $35 per month.  You are welcome to combine 2 amounts or cover all three.  We have divided it up into these amounts to make it easier for more people to participate.
God bless!

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