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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing ~ Gennette

Gennette - so pretty in pink.
Gennette is getting close to celebrating her 9th birthday!  She and her brother were referred to the orphanage in 2009 when her foster parents passed away.  I do not know anything about her natural family but hope to learn more in August when I see her again.  She is a precious thing... isn't she?  Gennette is quick to smile and one thing I know for sure... she is glue to those 2 girls you see in the background.  They are the best of friends!  I am so excited to think that Gennette may have sponsors someday who can meet her needs every month.  Would you please consider sponsoring her?  What a great opportunity to teach your own child to love and serve from such a young age.  I'm kind of dreaming and hoping that some family with 9-10 year old girls will come along side Gennette and form a lifelong friendship.  That would be such sweetness in Jesus name.

Gennette will need 3 sponsors at the 3 following monthly giving levels:  $25, $30 and $35.  Together at these levels her needs will be met.  Glory!

God bless and thank you for following along with BFGO on this precious journey.

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