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Monday, October 24, 2011

Planting Fields

It's time for an update from the field.  We have established a routine of transferring funds to the orphanage director in Zim once per month.  Every month we send her all of the money that we have in the account minus the charge for the wire transfer and any other fees that may be due at the time (post office box, web hosting, etc).  And since I'm on that subject...we have to give Paypal a fee for every donation as well, but the rest goes out to the orphans.  This past week we sent $1,000.  It is the smallest transfer we have sent to date...still behind thousands in rent and school fees.  (And not really sure what the consequences of that are going to be yet). is time to sow seed in Zim.  Literally.  If they are going to have enough grain to eat next year they have to plant the seeds now, so with the money we sent they were able to hire a truck to plough the field.  They also purchased 10 bags of fertilizer and some seed maize.  They will be planting the field at the end of this week.

It is unbearably hot in Zim right now, so please be praying for them as they work hard in the field to plant the seeds.  Many of the children will be involved.

We thank you for your prayers and donations!
God Bless All!


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