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Friday, September 23, 2011

Today - Near Nashville

**UPDATE**  Thanks to those who donated some items and money.  Delivery was made on Saturday 9/24.  God bless you all!

A sweet baby girl was born prematurely.  Her mom doesn't have the best record, evidently.  Sweet baby girl has gone into foster care here locally in Middle Tennessee and is being fostered by a mom that I know and respect immensely.  Baby girl has some very special needs at the moment.  This situation came up practically overnight (or possibly exactly overnight)....and we can jump in and help them.  The hope is that the mom I know will be able to legally adopt her very soon, but there are certainly details to be worked out in the meanwhile.

As you can imagine, taking in a new baby all of a sudden is expensive.  And the mom will have to take a considerable amount of time off work to care for this preemie newborn baby.  My desire is that Beautiful Feet Global Outreach could raise some quick funds for a Walmart or Target giftcard.  If you can help, please do so today!  Thank you so much!

Go to the website and click on the donate button.

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