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Monday, April 4, 2011

Eraselet - Bracelets that Erase Pencil - and World Hunger

My friend, Kimberly and her husband Bryan have invented an awesome product and launched a company.  The product is a bracelet that erases.  It is awesome for kids of all ages because the bracelet is stylish and fun, but it doubles as an eraser, therefore providing a useful function even outside of fashion.  The eraselets(R) come in multiple designs ranging from sports packs, animal packs to cute girly designs, and on and on.  But there is something even better about this company and product.... Kim and Bryan have created a division to their company called "Erase World Hunger".  They are contributing 10% of their profits to this division, to then be distributed out to charitable organizations who help feed the hungry.  I am so blessed and honored that Kim & Bryan have chosen Beautiful Feet Global Outreach to be one of its recipients.  Furthermore, very special BFGO Eraselets were made and donated to us to help spread the word for us and for them.

Eraselets can be customed ordered for any organization or fundraiser.  I have known Kimmie for a long time, but what I love most about our relationship today is that we are connected by Christ.  Her life and mine have been radically transformed through our relationships with Christ - and to be able to reconnect in that way has been sweet.  I am so blessed to see Kim's love for the Lord and to be able to serve alongside her in this life.

Thank you Kim, Bryan, Eraselets and Erase World Hunger.  I am so excited about what you are doing.  I'm hopeful that your product will be well received and that together we can feed the hungry.

(In this photo to the right you can see how the bracelet works...when you need to erase you just flip it over to the underside and hook on your thumb...then erase away!)

Please explore to learn more at both:

Eraselets Website


Erase World Hunger Website

If you are interested in specifically obtaining a "Beautiful Feet Global Outreach" Eraselet, we will mail you (2) for a minimum donation of $6 to the organization.  You can visit our website and learn how to make donations HERE.


  1. Thanks Melissa for your wonderful Blog about Eraselet®! I too am excited about how God is working in our lives! I am so blessed everyday to awake and say, OK God! Let's do this thing! Love you sista'!

  2. This is an AWESOME IDEA!! Love it!

    How rare it is, in this day and age, to find people who put God first in their business - may God richly bless Bryan & Kim in their endeavor.