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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Footprints

I'm meeting with the web developer tonight to hopefully finalize some details on our official website.  I am so excited!  We should have it launched officially in the few days...maybe the weekend ....or next week at the latest.  I'll post about it here, of course.  So, stay tuned.

We are also launching an official newsletter.  More than anything, we want our information to be available.   We want our donors to know what is going on, how they are helping, and to be able to see the fruits of their giving.  I love telling you all stories about the kids in the orphanages, and about their fearless director.  As this organization and ministry grows, there will be more stories to tell.  I look forward to continuing to be open and expressive as my feet continue to walk this journey.

If you are interested in receiving the monthly newsletter, please email beautifulfeetgo @ gmail (dot) com and indicate "newsletter" in the subject field.  We'll get you signed up.

THANK YOU TO OUR PRESENT AND FUTURE DONORS!  You are leaving beautiful footprints in this world.

Glory to God!


  1. Good to hear from you, Melissa! Yvette is talking about e-mailing you later today or tomorrow, so I'll get to the purpose of this one - testing - testing - testing. Glad to hear you got this fixed. Just want to make sure. Or does it only work from a certain point in time on? Well, here goes a try -

    Prayers, Pete A.

  2. Yeayyy! It worked. However, I still did have to click "Preview" first, in order to get the anti-spam word to come up and let me copy it. THEN I could hit "Post Comment" and it would do it. For some reason (ask "BLogger" why), just hitting "Post Comment" first still doesn't work by itself because that does not give you that "magic word" to copy.

    You're getting there. And we want to see EVERYONE able to send you comments. And new software NORMALLY has "bugs." Just ask me about my "master planner" days.

    Love and prayers, Pete

  3. great - so glad it is working, although sorry for continued hiccups. not sure why - i have used blogger for almost 3 years. i'll check on it again this weekend and see if i can tweak it more. THANKS!