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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update on School Fees

I finally received confirmation that the $1,200 I wired last week to the orphanage director for the school fees did arrive safely.  Their power has been out and so she has not been able to email or text me (dead battery).  But she is charged up now and I was able to speak with her this morning to verify.

For a little trivia - the wire transfer takes about 4 business days to complete.  One time last year, a digit was entered incorrectly (at a different bank) and the transfer took almost 3 weeks to I am very careful now to triple check everything and to confirm receipt on the other end.  One bad experience has raised a fairly significant red I just cannot rest until I know the money was received.  This is why I  am so particular to post it here as well.  Just want you all to know!

IN OTHER NEWS:  I am creating an official monthly newsletter.  The blog will continue to serve as regular updates, such as this one.  However, the monthly newsletter will serve to send a monthly summary. If you want to receive our newsletter, please email beautifulfeetgo (@) gmail (dot) com : and I will add you to the email list!

Have a great weekend!  OH, and yes we still need to raise more funds for school fees to help get them caught up, and to try and get ahead for the next round of fees due in April.  Your financial support is invaluable!  Thank you.


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