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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducting ~ Midwin

Her favorite subject in school is Integrated Science.  Age 16.  This is Midwin.  Both of her parents died of HIV by the time she was 8 years old.  Extended family was not able to or willing to afford her care and this is why so many children end up in an orphanage.  She is in Form I (grade 7), so she will have at least 3 more years of school.  Midwin has 3 brothers, (2 full and 1 half) also in the orphanage.

Many children in Africa start school late (if at all) because their families never had the money to get them started.  Or they start . stop . start . stop.  This would explain why Midwin is a bit older.
In about 2 weeks, I will be with these children once again, the sweet Lord willing.  I will be working hard (with help) to pull together a program to make it possible for you to pair up with a child, in support.  I am so excited and filled with hope over the ways that this program can impact lives, not just theirs, but yours too.

Please consider sponsoring a child.  Each child will need 3 sponsors at the 3 following levels per month:  $25, $30 and $35.  I will make it possible for you to communicate with your sponsored child at least twice per year.  Feel free to scroll down through this blog to see our featured children so far.  We haven't listed them all... so there are many more.  But if you see a child here on our blog that you feel you would like to sponsor, please go ahead and reach out to me so we can get that set up for you before the official program launches in October.

God bless and thank you so much.

~melissa irwin ~
executive director

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  1. Well, I just realized I've already posted about Midwin. Whoops. I guess you all just get to meet her twice. :-)