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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'll Be Honest...

I'm not a big shopper.  In fact, I really strongly dislike shopping.  There is possibly once exception to this statement... in that I love antique stores or unique stores with artsy things. The last "thing" that I purchased in a store in which I enjoyed shopping was a $30 bench made by an Amish man out of reclaimed barnwood.  But other than that, I don't enjoy shopping.

When my 2nd and 3rd boys were born, everything was different from when my oldest son (now 23) was born.  I was able to shop online for everything from diapers to formula, at good prices and often with free delivery.  I practially stopped going IRL shopping altogether.  For a while there was even a grocer in our town that delivered and I used their services for about a year.  The only time I go shopping in actual stores is if I'm needing something that I truly should inspect with my eyes before I purchase.

All of this to say that the internet has revolutionized the way I shop and probably the way most of us shop.  I'm going to keep preaching this next part because I cannot begin to stress how much it will serve the Kingdom if we will just take one extra step and switch our shopping habits just a smidge.  And I'll start by sharing my own real life examples!

Our family doesn't really have disposable income.  So when we do shop online it is usually because we really need something, with a few exceptions.

Our needs recently:
1.  school clothes for Shawn
2.  Summer shirts for Shawn
3.  Work shoes for hubs
4.  New shades for our door that had to be replaced due to storm damage
5.  Mother's Day gift.
6.  Father's Day gift.

We were able to purchase every one of the above either from EXACTLY the store we wanted them or exceptionally equal or better stores that we had never even heard of before... by using the BFGO Lambshops shopping launch site.

Recent wants:
1.  Books
2.  2 nights hotel stay in Gulf Shores

We were able to purchase the above also through Lambshops.  So far, we have raised almost $50 for Beautiful Feet Global Outreach just by doing it this way.  No, it didn't cost us an extra $50... it didn't even cost us an extra penny...   we simply earned $ for BFGO because we went through Lambshops and those retailers  (crews for shoes, amazon, hotels combined, blinds . com, etc.) were graciously willing to "give back".

Can you imagine the kind of impact this would make if hundreds or thousands of people would jump on board?  You can find furniture, high end gadgets, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, high-end clothing, etc.  The lists are endless.  There are plenty of bargain sites too, like Dollar General.  Need vitamins or supplements... you can find those too.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start doing your online shopping through our site.  It will make a huge difference in our orphan care ministry!

One of our donors recently purchased a mattress!  Seriously, people... revolutionary!

God bless!

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