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Friday, April 8, 2011

Packing Underwear

Normally when I travel to Zim, I take 3 pieces of luggage... 2 checked bags and 1 carryon.  The carryon carries the essentials in the event my luggage is lost.  So far my luggage has only been lost once, and I got it all back eventually.  And one time my luggage was robbed, yes robbed.  I take so much luggage because I am delivering things to the children and to Fatima.  I always just come home with all the bags stuffed into the largest bag, containing just some clothing and toiletries for myself.  This time I will travel with 2 carryon's which will be miserable at points during layovers, but all in all will be okay.  See, the kids need underwear. All 65 of them.  I will be delivering some things they need, as well as several bibles, a cook book, some gifts from a friend of mine, and some clothes, etc.

My phone rang this morning and it was Fatima, the orphanage director.  She asked in a very humbled voice if I could be burdened to bring some underwear for the children because many of them are going without.  I was overjoyed at this request because with all of the food money and school fee money we have been raising for them, there has been no room left over for "gifts".  I'm just happy to know that there is another need that can be met.  The more that we do for them as an organization, the more they can rejoice.  I know that our sweet Lord has connected us for a purpose.  He wants to meet their needs and He wants them to know Him.  Somehow, we just get to be blessedly stuck in the middle of it....and I cannot tell you how much that rocks my socks.  I'm hoping to find some fun, inexpensive small things too, for their delight.

Our focus continues to be raising approx $4,600 more by early May for the next round of school fees.  We cannot lose sight of the ongoing need for food and school.  Food and school.  Food and school.  Food and school.  I cannot stress to anyone really how dire the circumstances are there.  I hope to be able to translate this better while I am there, through pictures and hopefully some video too.  We have merely cleared the first hurdle, but the finish line continues to be far off in the distance.

I continue to be humbled and grateful for the support we have had so far.  Our financial supporters and prayer warriors are angels to us and to the children.  I cannot wait to hear their African screams and whistles as they rejoice over all that I share with them about you.

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